Sexual healing


What is Sexual Healing through the Soma-Psyche-Spirit?


It's a phrase I coined to describe a whole-of-being healing approach, that works to refine and maximise your unique sexual expression.


The word Soma is a Greek word meaning 'the body of an organism'. The word Psyche relates to the soul or personality. Spirit is used here to describe the pneuma or breath that animates the whole.


All of these aspects are inter-connected and inform one's 'way of being' and experience of sexuality.



How does healing occur?


This approach works on the basis that there is an innate healing mechanism inherent in each of us. Bones will knit, colds will  be fought off, wounds will heal and (for the most part) all this will happen without conscious control.



Why try out this healing approach?


This approach takes the view that maximum healing occurs under the right conditions...  with the right cues and guidance.


When a body is under stress (time and economic strain, feeling unsupported, carrying guilt or shame as examples), then its resources are diverted to whatever feels most urgent to it's survival. In our current cultural context, this this means many of us exist perpetually in survival mode, often without even realising it. It can be both a relief and a surprise to be in an environment where our bodies can feel safe and valued enough to be able to relax and go through a healing process. This is the environment that I look to create.



Where do the Soma, Psyche and Spirit come into it?


We look to the Soma, the Psyche and the Spirit for cues and guidance.



The body (soma), creates sensations that (once we notice them) can tell us a lot about it's state. It can tell us where the body has pain, tingling, ease. It can indicate emotions such as nervousness or joy and can reflect our levels of desire and arousal. Having an external guide to help build an awareness of these and then a deeper level of self understanding through them, can be empowering.


The soma can make conscious, through feelings and sensations, the reflexive patterns and true nature held in our soul or psyche. The psyche is the aspect of us that stores our history in it's (often) subconscious vaults, including our patterned responses and our innocent original nature.



Then there's the Spirit. Always there but not always accessible to us as it can be the most subtle to detect. It holds within it, the patterns that go beyond this time-space dimension; the records of ancestry and other lives; the memory of our divinity and our connection to all. 




Often, the root cause of what causes us sadness and difficulties lies at this spirit level. The circumstances that we find most challenging and difficult to navigate, can be lifetimes or generations in the making. Having an external guide to bring awareness to this part of ourselves and be a conduit for Universal Energy, can add clarity and resources that amplify what one person can do on their own.