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3 circles ritual

What is The 3 Circles Ritual?

Inviting, illuminating, empowering, challenging, revealing, freeing, energising, nurturing, normalising, affirming, honouring..... and more.

The event provides a powerful opportunity to increase your sense of self acceptance while gaining confidence in managing your boundaries.

The 3 Circles Ritual was developed by the Institute of Somatic Sexology, and uses 3 circular areas to represent 3 different aspects of participation.

There is an area in which to be still and support the group, an area to individually explore your own sexual and sensual nature, and an area in which to interact with others (if you so choose). This physical delineation of areas gives visible form to the agreements we make regarding the nature of each space.

What you may get out of coming:

  • A greater acceptance and appreciation of your own physical body
  • A higher level of comfort in setting and expressing your personal boundaries
  • An increased ease and confidence in saying no
  • An environment to explore aspects of your sexuality that may otherwise have difficulty being expressed
  • An increased understanding of where you might find it difficult to be true to yourself
  • A freedom in having permission to celebrate yourself as a sensual and sexual person.

What we offer:

  • Non-judgemental and inclusive facilitation so all feel welcome
  • Clear rules and guidelines regarding what is and isn't appropriate within the workshop, so that participants feel safe and respected
  • Get-to-know-you activities
  • Exercises in which to experience what it is to communicate and respect each others needs and boundaries
  • An opportunity to let go of external trappings / clothing and allow yourself to be seen
  • Clearly delineated physical spaces which allow you to choose the level at which you participate
  • An environment in which you can explore your body, your choices, your preferred level of sharing touch and human interaction

This is an opportunity to celebrate, and have fun being, the unique sexual being that is yourself. What you take away from it, is as individual as you.

The event is clothing optional you will need to bring either a sarong and towel or 2 towels to sit / lie on.
Participants are free to explore their sexuality with or without physical interaction with others and with or without clothing.

You are encouraged to interact only to the level you choose.

The cost of the event is $60.
There is an early bird price of $50 for tickets

Date: Events on hold for now.....

Time: 6.15pm arrival for a 6.30pm start.

Location: The Leela Centre, level 2, 113-115 Oxford St Cnr Oxford & Crown Sts, Darlinghurst.

Note: This workshop is for over 18's.

Facilitated by
Rebecca Rose and Myola Woods.


What past participants have said....


‘Thanks again for your facilitation on Saturday.
I also want to thank you both for how you both modelled behaving in the ritual: it helped me feel safe and true to myself whilst reaching out to others. It was surprisingly light and playful for me. I feel more open in my body and less constrained in my mind about how to interact intimately with other humans. I feel liberated.
Thank you again for last night. Such a great experience with both your facilitation; so much integrity, safety, respect and love. Lots of fun too!

cuddle puddle

Need a hug? Want some touch that's purely platonic?

Come and join us in a safe, respectful environment to hug and be hugged, free from alternative agendas.

This might be for you if:
*You simply love hugs and want more
*If you love hugs but are not sure how to reach out to someone without crossing their boundaries
*If you are looking for physical closeness and human contact but are avoiding getting close to people for fear of feeling pressured / pressuring or intruded upon / intruding

Human touch is proven to be important in maintaining physical and mental health. It can help reduce stress, as well as feelings of isolation and loneliness. In a society where people are gradually losing their ability to relate to each other in the physical here and now, and where touch often brings with it sexual connotations, too few of us are getting the touch we need.

In this 3 hour cuddlathon, we will get to know each other, play some games to help us explore the nature of touch, set some ground rules, then warm up to some epic cuddling.

Everyone is welcome, irrespective of gender, orientation, shape, size, ability and race. All we ask is that you bring a good dose of respect for your fellow human being and a sense of fun.

Date: TBA

Time: 3pm - 6pm

Where: Leela Centre, Lvl2, 113-115 Oxford, St Darlinghurst

Tickets : $25
(If finances are the only reason you can't attend, please contact us to discuss)


For wheelchair access please call on arrival.

Note: This is a fully clothed event

Image is courtesy of photographer Sierra Malevich and The Festival of Really Good Sex